苹果发布新一代iPad:iPad Air:澳彩网

本文摘要:apple Inc s answer to the increasingly cut throat table t-computer market : more product choices and free software。


apple Inc s answer to the increasingly cut throat table t-computer market : more product choices and free software。apple At an event here Tuesday,Apple showed off A new full-size table t-now called ipad air-that is thinner and slimmed down to one pound在周二举行的苹果发布会上,该公司发布了新的全尺寸平板电脑。

新型平板电脑现已更名为ipad aero,比旧型号轻,重量降至约1磅(约0.45公斤)。苹果还发布了处理器速度更慢、屏幕清晰度更高的新ipad mini。

Just as important,Apples new holiday line up lowers the entry price for the cheapest ipads to below $ 300 for the first time . apple said it willthat brings apple closer in line with competitors like Amazon.com Inc .who have pushed tablet prices down苹果公司表示,将销售从去年售出的299美元的ipad mini到499美元的新型ipad air等一系列平板电脑。这将使苹果产品的价格更像亚马逊(Amazon.cominc .)等竞争对手。

竞争对手将平板电脑价格降至229美元的水平。apple also said it would offer free access to its IWork productivity suite,which competes with Microsoft Corp . s Office,and ilifepe ILife该公司过去的做法是每个程序收取4.99美元至9.99美元。Following the announcements,apples chief executive Tim cook said the changes amounted to the biggest IPad announcement ever,IPad Large新产品发布后,苹果首席执行官库克(Tim Cook)表示,这种调整至今仅次于IPad,远远超过过去。

Improved technical specs,coupled with free software,may help apple appeal to more customers,particularly students and small business咨询公司Moor Insights Strategy的分析师Patrick Moorhead表示,升级的技术设备和免费软件今后将帮助苹果更好的客户,特别是学生和中小企业。他说,不是为了品牌花很多钱,而是你享受的是实际的技术,是有价值的。

(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,品牌名言)The new ipads and changing software strategy come at a critical time for The cupertino,Calif .gadget maker.for对总部位于加州库珀蒂诺(Cupertino)的设备制造商苹果来说,新IPad的销售和软件战略调整是最重要的时刻。截至6月的3个月里,苹果ipad的销售量与去年同期相比首次频繁下降。包括韩国公司三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co)和亚马逊在内的竞争对手在平板电脑市场上多次占据优势。research firm Gartner expects apples share of the table t market to fall below 50% this year,Down from 54% last year and 65% in 2011 . TT研究公司Gartner预测,今年苹果的平板电脑市场份额将降至50%以下,高于去年的54%和2011年的65%。

搭载谷歌(Google Inc)Android(安卓)系统的平板电脑今年的市场份额预计平均为50%,去年约为45%。Nokia corp . unveiled its first table t computer Tuesday . also Tuesday,Microsoft,which plans to acquire nokias mobile-compay Put tut诺基亚(Nokia Corp)周二公布了首款平板电脑。在某种程度上,周二是微软的第二版Surface平板电脑预售。

微软计划收购诺基亚的移动计算了业务。谷歌,Sony Corp and Asian manufacturers including asustek computer Inc . and Lenovo group ltd . are pushing tablets of their own。包括谷歌、华硕(Asustek Computer Inc)和联想集团(Lenovo Group Ltd)在内的亚洲制造商都在直言自己的平板电脑产品。

apples answer this year was to fix complaints about its current line up,adding in its latest processor,the a7,to the new devices,MDapple今年的战略旨在解决当前产品组合的问题,例如在新设备上最近使用A7处理器、使ipad更重、为ipad mini提供更高分辨率的屏幕。iPad Air将于11月1日在包括美国和中国在内的其他一些国家销售。苹果公司表示,新的ipad mini将于11月末预售。I cant think of another product thats come so far,so fast,Mr. cook said during the event,noting that apple has sold more than 170 milt他说one bright spot for the company is that even as it loses market share,its customers remain the heaviest users of table ts。

对该公司来说,好消息是Mobile-advertising firm chitika Inc . says 84.3% of the website traffic from tablets that it analyzed in June came from ipads . amazs esusage of the ipad increased from Chitika Said,While the others declined。移动广告公司Chitika Inc 6月分析的数据显示,84.3%的平板电脑网络流量来自ipad。亚马逊的Kindle Fire平板电脑占5.7%,三星的Galaxy平板电脑占4.2%。Chitika表示,从5月到6月,ipad的使用迅速增加,其他平板电脑经常上升。

regardless of what you might hear or read about how many are sold or activated,ipad is used more than any of the rest,Mr. cook said,Adding他还补充说,ipad的使用量是竞争对手的4倍以上。Among other announcements,apple said a new version of Its computer Operating System,OS x Mavericks,along with updates to 20 more of its苹果发布的另一则消息还包括新的计算机操作系统OS X Mavericks和应用于该系统的20个升级将免费提供给现有客户。过去,苹果公司一般不收取根本的升级费用,特别是OS X操作系统。

With the free software approach,we are turning the industry on its ear,Mr. cook said。库克表示,该免费软件的战略将刷新整个行业的气象。apple also unveiled a slate of new computers . its latest macbook pro laptop computers will start at a price of $ 1,299,About $ 200 less than苹果也发行了一系列新电脑。最新型的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑价格为1,299美元,比以前的型号便宜约200美元。